Cabling Team are data network specialists and installers of computer data cabling.

Our customers are located within London and vary from medium sized, small sized and home based businesses. We also undertake tasks for large corporations on an independent basis.

Guided by 20 years experience and ten years independent consultancy experience in data networking and connectivity; Cabling Team install and problem solve active data networks and data cable infrastructure.

Data networks now interconnect multiple different devices together from traditionally different industries. These different industries have engineered their systems to communicate using the same TCP-IP data network model developed for computer networks; therefore the same physical, theoretical, reliability and security requirements now apply to all.

Our service portfolio focuses on your on premises data connectivity; starting with the standard packet switched data network, the necessary cabling, and extending out into familiarity with systems, either connecting to or impacting upon the local network design; such as WiFi, Guest-internet-access, VoIP, PSTN lines, Fibre optics, ISP Internet connectivity, PDQs, EPOS, PCI compliance, CCTV, VLANs and network routing.

The understanding we have of data networks is gained from many years experience working specifically within the computing and data networking sector; Cabling Team are the company best placed to fulfil your data installation, troubleshooting, or network repair requirement.


We install network cabling and components

◦ Data cabling Cat5e Cat6 Cat6A & pre-term Fibre
◦ Data cabinets, floor standing or wall mounted
◦ Connecting up network equipment
◦ Upgrades and extensions to ISP demarcation cabling
◦ Documenting, moving, rebuilding systems

We work where there are access constraints
◦ Low level, underground and buried installation
◦ High level ladder and tower work
◦ Very high level requiring powered elevated access platforms

And we have a good understanding installing
◦ Secure data networks
◦ CCTV systems
◦ Telephone systems
◦ Installation requiring care of detail


Our aims are for our work to be integrated with existing configurations, to look and appear tidy, be robust, functional, and logical for customers to use.
We’ve helped many customers achieve their objectives and we will do our best to help you achieve yours.

We are very happy to receive enquiries.