Quality and standards

Materials we use are of high quality and proven to sustain prolonged use. We trust our knowledge, material choice and skill of installation such that we guarantee each and every one of our cable installations for a lifetime of use. In the event that a fault is found in the materials we install, an engineer will carry out remedial work without any further cost to you the customer.

We perform three levels of cable testing, each being available upon request as a service

Certification test: for commercial installations requiring certification all cabling has been installed correctly, and meets TIA or ISO link specifications.

Qualification test: a network field engineer verifies existing cabling will support a required threshold of network bandwidth.

Verification test: technicians who pull and terminate cable or performs basic moves, adds and changes uses verification as a first line of defence in finding connection and wire-pairing faults.

Our past customers say

“incredibly efficient, the work is done to a great standard”
“Expertly planned and executed job”
“workmanship was excellent and extremely well thought out”
“professional and neat job – on time and on budget”
“broad understanding of all the factors”